Corbacho Poodles Int. (history)

Over fifty years ago in England, a black standard poodle puppy entered my life and changed it forever. Minerva Dusky, came from the original Vulcan line bred by the Rt. Hon. Lady Ionides and Miss Shirley Walne. Our present stud, Corbacho Silver Magician (Merlin) can trace his DNA back to her. My second standard poodle, a white male also from the Vulcan line, is related to our present day cream stud, Vulcan Ice Facade (Polar). The silver line was introduced as a wedding present in 1967 (I had to marry a man who loved my dogs!). The silver, Corbacho Butterwell MacCarthy (Perry)and his blue brother, Corbacho Butterwell MacCormack (Jet) were added to my life and my special love of the greys began.
We came to America in 1979, accompanied by Corbacho Navy Blue and Enz Naiad, intending to retire from dog breeding. However, our reputation preceeded us and we are still producing that "just one more litter, please" we are asked for.
Our speciality colors are silver and blue but ever since Perry's first litter of six silvers, four blues and four apricots, our line continues to surprise us with beautiful creams and apricots!
Our dogs, bred for brains as well as beauty, are known for their exceptionally long, healthy lives. To improve the quality of standard poodles and prevent unwanted litters, unless otherwise stated, all our dogs are sold contractually, not for breeding purposes.

Polar Vulcan Ice Facade